IPC Shopping Centre – Values and Culture

July 2020

Client : IPC Shopping Centre, Ikano Centres
Production house : Kinovisuals
Post production : Kinovisuals

Director : We Jun
Producers : Lim Benji, Rob Nevis
DP : Chloe Yap
Camera operators : Hor Chee Yoong, We Jun
Gaffer : Hor Chee Yoong
Location sound recordist : Jackie Yeap
Editors : Chloe Yap, We Jun
Colourist : We Jun

Production notes

IPC Shopping Centre was looking for a fresh and effective way to communicate their corporate philosophy and core values to prospective candidates who were interested in joining their team, and therefore arrived at the conclusion that they should release a series of brand videos, which encapsulated the many unique aspects of their work culture in order to attract the best employees that will fit into their Scandinavian-inspired organisation. We were a little surprised that when we were invited to receive the creative brief, many representatives from several other agencies, PR and event companies were also in attendance. Thus, it was made clear to us from the outset that only the most competitive proposition was going to win the commission. So we spent a long time brainstorming about how we had wanted to structure the proposal, and in the end we decided to emphasise our team’s deep passion for storytelling, leaning on our years of experience and expertise in crafting bespoke cinematic corporate documentaries. After sending our proposal through, we were pleased to secure the job and were given the amazing opportunity to closely collaborate with client in order to craft the best series of films for their need. To the credit of client, our camera crew was given unprecedented access behind-the-scenes to the shopping centre and to interview the many different, interesting personalities who make up their organisation. During the production period, the country was going through a transition between different states of lockdown (i.e. MCO, CMCO and RMCO) which provided an added dimension to the overall filmmaking challenge that we would have had to typically contend with. A total of seven shoot days on location with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K and Sony A7Riii paired with vintage Nikkor AI-s lenses.


July 2020


Production house


IPC Shopping Centre, Ikano Centres