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We make films, branded content and corporate documentaries.  Based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


We are something of specialists in this field.  Not only do we have access to the best videography equipment, our strength lies in our understanding that the requirements of each business is different.  We craft video solutions bespoke to our client’s needs, always focused on producing corporate and brand films that make an impact.


We love working with brands which are looking to embark on interesting projects with creative risk.  We value collaboration with brand owners to ensure that we are able to translate their values and philosophies in brand films and commercials, and transform their brand message into memorable content for target audiences.


Cinema is our passion. Apart from developing and producing our own independent films, the creatives at Kinovisuals provide a range of services from writing and script development to production design and art department. The team comprises highly dedicated and talented filmmakers at various stages of their careers, ready to collaborate with you on your special movie project.

We are filmmakers first

Meet the eclectic mix of personalities at the heart of our production team.

Lim Benji


Graduating from Towson University in 2007 with a degree in Electronic Media and Film, Benji had since been involved in prominent activism and social interest projects such as 15 Malaysia (2009), Undilah (2011) and Hari Malaysia (2013) for multiple award-winning musician, actor and film producer Pete Teo.  In addition, Benji produced and co-directed two independent feature-length movies, “The Joshua Tapes” in 2010, and the multi-director omnibus “Cuak” in 2014, as well as several short films including the infamous “Meter” in 2009, which was screened in various international film festivals such as the Busan Film Festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam.

We Jun @ John Cho

Creative Director

Graduating from University of
Kent in Actuarial Science, We Jun had a promising career in finance, and then in consumer durables, before pursuing filmmaking full time in 2012.  In mid-2014, he underwent a 2-month intensive training in Art Direction under Oscar-nominated production designer Tim Hutchinson at Pinewood Studios Malaysia.  We Jun directed numerous short films, corporate documentaries, brand films and music videos, winning Best Short Film at the 2015 Festival Filem Malaysia Ke-27 as well as prizes at Sundance Channel Shorts 2014 and BMW Shorties Malaysia 2009.  Several of his works have been selected for film festivals in Europe, Japan, USA and Mexico.

Chloe Yap


As an emerging filmmaker and visual artist, Chloe’s artistic interest is centred on the explorations of identity, love, intimacy via experimentations of various storytelling mediums and techniques.  A graduate of Cinematic Arts at MMU, her student work won Best Experimental Short at Festival Filem Pelajar Malaysia in 2014.  Since then, several of her works have been selected for film festivals and curated video programmes in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the Far East, namely KLEX, SeaShorts, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Taipei International Film Festival, Porn Film Festival Berlin, InVideo Milan, Festival Accès Asie Montreal, and Image Forum Festival Tokyo.

Rob Nevis

Production Designer

As a multiple award-winning production designer and writer-director originally hailing from Sri Lanka, Rob has decades of experience as AD, costumer and wardrobe master on large Hollywood and European films such as “The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck”, “The Iron Triangle”, the Oscar-winning “Indochine”, “Beyond Rangoon”, “A Dangerous Life”,
“Shadow of the Cobra” and “D’or et de Safran”.  As his career in films progressed, Rob was much sought after as production designer, then became a prolific producer of non-fiction and documentaries, spearheading numerous series and reality TV shows since moving to Malaysia, for History Channel, National Geographic and Astro.

A few things we’re pretty good at

Kinovisuals is a client-focused collaborative passionate about content creation and filmmaking, always keen on taking the cinematic approach to elevate the visual aesthetic of our films and videos.  We do understand that the nature of filmmaking video production is constantly evolving and such, we are continuously re-engineering our relationship with agencies and clients to deliver the best results for the optimal cost.  Evidently, the best talent is difficult to retain.  Our collaborative approach allows us to synergise with exclusive partners with access to a talented crop of directors, producers, cinematographers and post production artists.  We treat each respective project on its own special merits, ready to push boundaries of creativity, engagement and possibility.


With our experience working across diverse industries delivering branded corporate communications, full-service videography and photography, aerial drone videography, post production and VFX, we believe it is important to be honest with creative discussions and transparent with costs to deliver the best possible video solution for the best possible rates.



A great tool for events, concerts, theatre shows, product launches and talks, multiple-camera (“multicam”) productions are the next big step in video production. Record your event in High Definition 1080p or 4K Ultra High Definition or receive a broadcast quality and project your showcase live on a projection screen, ensuring all your messages are well-communicated to large audience.



Combine a professional video look, with live stingers and banner animations for virtually any type of event, to reach worldwide audiences via our live streaming webast services in High Definition 720p for Facebook Live, Youtube Live and Instagram TV. With our cutting-edge equipment and service-oriented approach, we offer turnkey systems for your entire webcasting need.


We utilise
Cinema cameras for the best results

As a staunch believer in delivering the highest visual quality at the best budget value for our clients, Kinovisuals in Malaysia had been an early adopter of the cinema cameras and broadcast equipment since 2015.  These advanced imagemaking instruments, coupled with native colour grading and professional standard compositing in DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio and Fusion, allow us to produce cinema-quality ultra-high resolution images (in High Definition or even 4K UHD) at otherwise restrictive digital and web production budgets, true to our philosophy of producing “the cinematic image”.


Creative collaborations

Several of our fave creative agencies we’ve previously collaborated with, to produce high quality work.

Tales from the set

It’s been a real rollercoaster ride since our inception in 2013, and here are some of the highlights of our creative adventure thus far.

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