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NETPAC Award Winner

The NETPAC Award is awarded to the Best Asian Feature Film by a jury from the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema.

Hungry Ghost Diner was announced as this year’s NETPAC Award Winner at the 27th BIFAN (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival) for “its humane message, enforcing family and society, unity, in difficult COVID times with cinema language, using Buddhist folklore and modern reality.”

韩国富川国际奇幻影展公布《饿鬼食堂》获得亚洲电影奈派克 (NETPAC, The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) 大獎!这个由亚洲电影促进联盟所颁发的奖项, 以奖励新锐导演, 促进亚洲电影发展! 《饿鬼食堂》在富川国际奇幻影展世界首映, 也在富川国际奇幻影展获得首个国际大奖, 意义非凡!


World Premiere of Hungry Ghost Diner at 27th BIFAN 2023

Left to Right : We Jun 曹维骏 (writer-director), Sam Chong 张咏华 ("Ah Kiu"), Chen Keat Yoke 曾洁钰 ("Bonnie") and Eric Chen 陈沛江 ("Bobby")

The family is coming to dinner!

Forced to take refuge in her family’s coffeeshop during a sudden Covid-19 Lockdown, Bonnie (Chen Keat Yoke) is shocked to discover that it is haunted by ghosts of her deceased relatives returning for the Hungry Ghost Festival.


Yoke at Hungry Ghost Diner's BIFAN World Premiere GV
Chen Keat Yoke 曾洁钰

Chen Keat Yoke
曾洁钰 @ 阿Yoke

The lass from Cameron Highlands, “Ah Yoke”, as she is affectionately known, became a household name in 2009 when she snagged a runner-up spot on Astro Talent Quest, then subsequently at the tender age of 20, became the first ever rookie participant to win an overseas competition by bagging the Golden Mic at the TVB8 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong, which had  previously launched the careers of superstars Anita Mui, Eason Chan, Leon Lai, Sammi Cheng and Coco Lee.

Signed by Astro, her next break was when she was cast as “Salted Fish Ah Lian” in Malaysia’s first locally-produced Chinese-language blockbuster “Woo Hoo”.  After appearing in several spin-off movies that followed, Yoke returned to her first love of singing, and re-established herself as an entertainer with occasional joint concerts and TV hosting gigs.

Hungry Ghost Diner marks Yoke’s return to the silver screen in a major role for more than a decade.

曾洁钰 @ 阿Yoke, 马来西亚彭亨州金马伦人, 参加过2007年ASTRO新秀歌唱大赛, 但最后没成功继续晋级。后来再次参加2009年ASTRO新秀歌唱大赛, 成功闯入决赛最后得到了季军。之后与黄毓敏、刘界辉一起代表马来西亚到香港参加2009TVB8全球华人新秀歌唱比赛, 成为首位以季军姿态在海外比赛夺冠的新秀。

演出周青元的《大日子woohoo》, 并凭着“咸鱼莲”这个角色成功打开了知名度。


2010年,适逢青运丹南支会廿周年会庆, 曾洁钰被沙巴州政府委任为反毒亲善大使。到了2015年10月,曾洁钰开始主持Astro AEC和AEC HD频道的《远走高飞》节目。



Straight Chilling Podcast (USA)

"...a natural and lighthearted touch, resulting in a unique blend of genres... we are drawn into Bonnie's journey, which gradually unfolds like a beautifully-crafted recipe."

Eastern Kicks (UK)

“...sometimes comic and sometimes full of warm empathy... bringing a unique touch that distinguishes it from typical horror movies which portray ghosts as objects of fear.”

Hyunbul News (S. Korea)

"I hope that this fantastic film will have a chance to be seen by the general public as well as at film festivals through this (NETPAC) Award. Also, I hope that many parents and children would be able to reconcile like in the movie..."

Malay Mail (Malaysia)

"There’s an approachability and easy charm to the whole enterprise that makes sitting through this film a surprisingly effortless and enjoyable one."

"I want to see Hungry Ghost Diner!" - Mark Kermode, Kermode & Mayo's Take (UK)

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Audience testimonials

Bianca Yeoh

"...a great movie to watch with friends and family. It's one of those movies that could potentially start a discussion about culture, maybe a deeper sharing about a passed away loved one, or ghost stories!"

Florence Wan

"...We Jun navigates us confidently in this intimate film of family, filial piety, loss and redemption with so much charm, humour, and heart. I especially appreciate his choice to show a beautiful aspect of Malaysian life..."




Hungry Ghost Diner 2023

World Premiere at BIFAN, South Korea

The anticipated debut feature film of Malaysian writer-director Cho We Jun, produced by Benji Lim and co-produced by Lee Yve Vonn, has been officially selected for its inaugural World Premiere at this year’s 27th Edition of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2023 in South Korea, for its “Merry-Go-Round” section.